THE KEMPTARIAN            

The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
July 24, 2012 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 2


                                                                 President: Anna Rochon                                            New Generations: Jennifer Franssen
                                                                 Past President: Rob Horning                                      Foundation: Susan Hunt
                                                                 President Elect: Jill Eagle                                           Membership: Rob Horning
                                                                 Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson                               Secretary: Jill Eagle
                                                                 e-Secretary: Dave Pelletier                                        Public Relations: Ken Mews
                                                                                                    Club Administration: Cora Beking    

The Meeting on July 17 was the pizza night at Camp Merrywood.
Number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  19 =   70 % attendance
President Anna chaired the meeting.
Nancy Miller-McKenzie led the club in sing O Canada and in singing grace.

Jim Wrong – Honourary member
Keith Rolston – Honourary member
David Mayberry – Guest Speaker

Birthdays: Bruce Wehlau, John Wilson, Rob Horning,
Club Anniversaries: Gord Sowten, George Fisher,

New Generations:  
Chair Jennifer F. reported that correspondence had been received from our exchange student and read the e-mail.  She briefly outlined the plan for accommodation and reminded members that they all need to have police checks done.
Community Service :
Rotarian John B. provided an update on the Spencerville Stampede. Rotarian Brian C. asked those working at the beer tent in Spencerville to stay after the meeting.
Public Relations:  
Rotarian Ken M. indicated that he was sending weekly reports of our meeting to the local paper as well as providing information to the municipal community events calendar.
Rotarian Larry D. stated that the annual corn roast with the 4-H will be held on August 21.  He will provide more info as the date approaches.
Perth Theatre Night:
Rotarian are reminded to get their ticket money (30.00 per person) to Rotarian Mike G. for Perth Theatre Night on August 1, 2012.
Dues are due!
Please provide Rotarian Mike G – who is subbing for Rotarian Colleen - with your payment at the next meeting.  

50/50 Draw Winner:  Claire Larabie

David Mayberry – Canadian Food Grains Bank  - An informative presentation on the work done by the Canadian Food Grains Bank.  Address:  Canadian Foodgrains Bank, P.O. Box 767, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2L4   

Upcoming Programme:
July 31 – NO MEETING
August 1 – Perth Dinner Theatre Night
August 7 - Jamie LaBrash “The Crusty Baker” - offsite meeting
August 14 - Katherine Sorrell-Kirkpatrick - Youth Exchange Presentation
August 21 - Annual 4-H Corn Roast - offsite meeting

President Anna lead the club in reciting the Four Way test.

When “I” is changed to “we” even illness is changed to wellness