On October 8, 2011 The Rotary Foundation launched a new online payment system. The Rotary Foundation Canada switched to the new system. more....
There are significant advantages to Canadian Rotarians with the new system including expanded options for directing donations to specific programs, a simplified process to make memorial donations and online sign up for TRF Direct Canada (monthly, quarterly or annual donations via credit card).  There is also a new link on the TRF Canada website (www.TRFCanada.org) to the donation page in French.

One change that does affect Canadian Rotarians is that to make an online donation they now require a Rotary member access account. In the past Canadian Rotarians have not had to use a member access account to make an online donation.  All other countries had to use member access.  Most Canadian Rotarians have already created an account on the RI website. Member access includes personal donation history, the RI directory, simple registration for Rotary International events and other services.

Member access simplifies making an online donation by entering all personal information for the Rotarian (name, address, club name, district number and personal Rotary ID number). This will ensure all Paul Harris recognition points are received and a Canadian tax receipt is issued.

We need your help in asking the members of your Rotary club to create a member access account, if they have not already done so, when they make online donations. Why not ask one or two of your club members with good computer skills to help other club members who may have difficulty set up an account?

Online donations are simple, cost effective for the Rotary Foundation and ensure the member and club receive all appropriate credit and recognition.

Member access help: http://www.rotary.org/en/members/generalinformation/usingmemberaccess/Pages/ridefault.aspx