The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
August 28, 2012 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 4



                                                         President: Anna Rochon                                      New Generations: Jennifer Franssen
                                                         Past President: Rob Horning                                Foundation: Susan Hunt
                                                         President Elect: Jill Eagle                                     Membership: Rob Horning
                                                         Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson                         Secretary: Jill Eagle                           
                                                         E-Secretary: Dave Pelletier                                  Public Relations: Ken Mews
                                                                                         Club Administration: Cora Beking


The Meeting held on August 14th was the 4H Corn Roast with the sheep club at the farm of Doug and Barb Therrien.
The number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  20 =   74 % attendance
President Anna chaired the meeting.
Nancy Miller-McKenzie led the club in sing O Canada and in singing grace.

Jim Wrong – Honourary member
Keith Rolston – Honourary member
Janet Anderson – Host parent - YE
Richard Anderson – Host parent - YE
Patricia Wittke – Youth Exchange
Colleen Halpenny – 4H Rotary Bursary winner
Dave McKeller – Visiting Rotarian - Sackville          
Susan Fisher – Visiting Rotarian - Sackville
Harold Brenner – Visiting Rotarian - Belleville
Sophie – M. Goss’s Granddaughter
Teri Devine – Kemptville Youth Centre
Stacey Tenbult – Kemptville Youth Centre
Drew  - KYC Program Co-ordinator
Alexis Montgomery – KYC Youth Board President
(It was a busy night – my apologies if I missed anyone!)

Club Anniversary – Jennifer Franssen

A gentle reminder for members to have their police checks done.

Wine Association
Membership Chair R. Horning provided members with a summary of the responses to the Wine Association Survey (results at the end of the minutes)

Special Presentation
Rotarian Mike Goss presented Rotarian George Fisher with a photo album of pictures taken at the dedication of the George and Norma statue at the North Grenville Library.

50/50 Draw WinnerAnna Van Adrichem-Rochon….again

1. Colleen Halpenny – 4H Rotary Bursary Winner
2. Kemptville Youth Centre – Annual report and club cheque presentation
3. Mike Goss – 2012 Financial Report which is available in the club administration section of the website under 2011-2012 Accounts Summary and 2011-2012 Accounts Summary Detail.

Upcoming Programme:
September 4    
New District Governor   Rene Melchers           

September 11  Luis Gaal from the new Blue Gypsy Winery in Oxford Mills will speak on history of his business and why they  started it. (Later on Oct 9,  we will visit the winery when they are harvesting for taste testing)

September 14-15  District Assembly in Brockville

September 17 (Monday)  *Special* A Pot Luck at President Anna’s house with the Group Study Exchange team from Pakistan

September 18  - Youth Exchange certification (presented by Jill E.)

September 25  Away meeting at the Kluk Gallery in Spencerville for B-B-Que dinner and tour of new Dutch Hill Gallery.

President Anna led the club in reciting the Four Way test.

I always feel that I have two duties to perform with a parting guest:  one, to see that he doesn't forget anything that is his; the other, to see that he doesn't take anything that is mine.  ~Alfred North Whitehead

Wine Association Survey Results

 Do you feel that the Wine Association fulfills a useful function?

Yes, need to invite more non-Rotarians as well as use for fellowship.

 Do you intend to participate in Wine Association membership and events

Unanimous – Yes!

 How frequently should events be held?

Every two months was the most popular answer.

 How long should events last?

Majority said 3 hours

 Are you in favour of continuing to have members host meetings?


Is the two bottle admission excessive?

Majority said No, but a $15.00 per bottle max.

 Do you enjoy the tastings as they are currently organized?

Majority yes – some would like a professional

What changes to the program would you like to see?

Move to Saturday with a 7 p.m. start

 Are you in favour of annual dues?

Majority Yes, but only to cover costs – which is barely does!

 Are you in favour of the 50/50 draw?