THE KEMPTARIAN                

 The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
March 26, 2013 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 25

Your Club Board Members


President: Anna VanAdrichem-Rochon  New Generations: Jennifer Franssen 
Past President: Rob Horning  Foundation: 
President Elect: Jill Eagle
Membership: Rowena Cooper
Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson
Secretary: Jill Eagle 
E-Secretary: Dave Pelletier
Public Relations: Ken Mews
Club Administration: Cora Beking

The meeting on March 19, 2013 was held at Charley’s Restaurant and was a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
Number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  19 =   79%  attendance
President Anna VanAdrichem-Rochon opened the meeting

Susan Fisher
David McKeller
Suzie McIntosh – Corporate member
Marion Devries – Honourary member
Jim Wrong – Honourary member

Birthdays – George Fisher, Jane Pelletier


  • Please save your stamps and bring them in for the Guide Dogs For the Blind
  • Rotarian Jill presented a club banner from the Noroesta Club of El Salvador and presented certificates to the Club and to Cora and John Beking – in recognition of the work being done in San Diego.  Jill also received a certificate.

Committee Meetings

Upcoming Programme:
April 2 – Sebastian Potvin-Carranza – Adventures in Hi Tech
April 9 – Butler's Victorian Pantry
April 16 – Michael McCann – writer
April 23 – Let’s all visit another club!
April 30 – Committee meetings

 Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  ~Doug Larson